You Dont Know Harry's Addiction

So yous all think you know my pain , but no one really knows , for those of you that think you do , let me tell ya how it goes , The sickness is unbearable you dont never wanna know the feeling , but in do time , I'll be fine , hi higher then the ceiling , the chills and cold sweets , you'll never forget , your body aint quite the same , all the ones that ever cared for you , now stare at you in shame , your family lost so much trust in you , and you still cant figure out why , theres not much they can really do for you, but sit there and crying slowly watching you die , your losing everything you had , its happening all so quick, now your boasting malls for Tylenol , begging dor change cause your sick , everything to you that mattered is now totally shattered , it feels like unreal fiction , but before you know it your rock bottom , so welcome to Harry's Addiction , So if you still think I do this shit because i think its fun , go ahead and hand me that syringe right there , I'll show you how its really done , so just sit back and relax , now close your eyes , this wont cause you that much harm , ready ,10 , 20 , 30 units flow thru your arm , now I want you to tell me again , honestly how does it feel , to live the way i do, dont ever judge me again my friend , you dont know what the fuck i go through ...
In Memory Of Harry Berry a.k.a BEKE

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Over the summer of 2018 i lost my best friend to drug overdose and this poem is about a conversation that we had about his drug use , i miss you beke ....

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