You Didn't Teach It, So I Will


There are many things

Important things we never

Discussed in the schools


Math, science, English

All are quite fantastic, yes

What about the other things?


Things we didn't learn

And proper eating habits?

Proper nutrition?


I never learned them

Growing up when I was young

And I had to suffer


I was a victim

I wasn't educated

You never taught me


You never taught me

About the media and

How they affect us


You never taught me

About minerals, proteins

Vitamins, fiber


You never taught me

To not be affected by

How the media


Shapes our minds, culture

They shape our expectations

For body image


I wish you told me

I had anorexia

I was fooled by them


I am better now

That is now why I study

Nutrition science


But now all I can

Do is educate people

To teach them myself


I'll change the system

I will include nutrition

I will give TEDtalks


I will use my skills

My scientific knowledge

And language skills


I'll reach more people

I speak Japanese and French

Kids who were like me


I want to teach them

The world, about nutrition

About media


To not listen to

The media that is fueled

Only by huge greed


Healthy perspectives

That is what we should teach

I'll make it happen



Health class teaches us this. Health is offered in almost every highschool in the us.

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