You can only see as far as you think

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 03:00 -- filzi



In a room full of people you will see me, 

I'll look like the others so it will be hard to notice me,

If you do you'll think that you've discovered me,

You're mistaken and confused by an imagery,

I follow and agree not to blend in,

but to see if you noticed this chameleon,

I give and give even when I don't benefit it,

I forgive and forget right away with no regret,

I speak the truth and never rude,

Kindness and good is what I choose,

I'm happy with the simple things people overlook,

Love and understanding is what I will always bring,

Empathy and compassion are my strengths,

Curious minds lead me to imaginations that's when I think best,

How I shape shift just to learn, 

I've shared a secret not many discover,

Here's a hint if you meet anyone else like me,

I may seem mysterious but my eyes will always share more, 

Just like forms of water; still, flowing or chaotic as the sea, 

I don't lack confidence nor do I compete,

This is why when you see me in the crowd I really can't be seen.

I'm not fake just adaptable you see, 

Only ones close know this side of me,

You'll think you know me but you won't know me. 

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