You Bring It Out Of Me

When I'm next to you

I can breathe..



..Though I cant really remember ever breathing..

without you

by my side.


I cant hide..

from you.


You make the truth spill out of me.

The truth is


just cant help but love you.


You twist me up

in ways that,

I believe,

should be impossible..

ARE impossible..


You Are Impossible.


The other side of me?

My opposite?

You? and Me.

I cant be sure that this is reality.




When you're gone..

I become hollow again.

I'm missing something..

In my chest?

In my stomach?

In my head?


It feels almost as if I have

awakened from a dream too good

to be allowed to exist within me.


But, as I said,

I cannot hide from you.

I cant help but be selfish..



that perfection.


The perfection of US that is filled with a

hideous amount of imperfections.

You're perfect.

We work.

And on the days that we don't work..

we can.


If you want to,

we will.


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