You Ask Me Why I Write


United States
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You ask me why I write.
Well, I don’t have a complex answer.
I never experienced any real trauma or disaster
That inspires me to put it on paper.
Or type it out in Microsoft Word, whichever I prefer
I will answer your question with a simple “I enjoy writing”
Is that enough for you? Because it’s enough for me.
I like to tell stories and create characters
And destroy those characters and rearrange settings
It’s like being a God; having so much power
And being able to do so much with it
So I choose to write
I write about my feelings, I write about my day
I write about my dreams, and I write about my doubts
I may not be the best writer, but my writings aren't for anyone in general
They are for me, myself, and I.
So, you ask me why I write?
Simple, it’s because I want to.


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