You ask me, why?

Why do I do the things I do?

Why do I tell you everything that happens to me?

From the very second I wake up,

to the minute I fall fast asleep.

Why do I go out of my way 

day in and day out?

Making sure that you have everything you need

to be able to remain that happiness.

Why do I constantly check up on you

and make sure you're never feeling under the weather?

Why is my number one priority not where I'm going,

or even how I plan on getting there?

But how I'll get to you

and how I'll be able to enjoy every second spent?

Why do I put in everything I have

to nurture this bond between us?

It's not because I feel obligated.

In fact it's the complete opposite.

It's because I enjoy the simple things.

The simple things in life tend to make me happy.

It's because you make me happy.

Like nobody else ever could.

It's because I feel something else with you.

It's because I love you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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