you are a rainbow to someone's cloud


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you are a rainbow to someone's cloud- Maya Angeleo

an aspiration to be a star becomes a motivation
ideas that transform to an institution is an innovation
a child's cry screaming for help requires someone's dedication
to help someone doesn't mean stroking one's ego with inflation
looks of sorrow and defeat is what a person expresses in need to suppress alleviation
don't change plans because it's not about you in which causes unnecessary deviations
there is nothing more influential than being a mentor
it's more authentic than watching a 60's bird man cartoon episode fighting a goof name Dr, Mentar
resonate the power of meaningful words that will strike a spine
it declines the risk of a kid robbing someone for money and yelling this is mine
have a child be expose to reading the ny times at the age of nine
by the time one gets older, they won't violate any laws and pay a meaningless fine
moments of despair that arises the need of attention shouting for love and devour
always remind them that light will shed through our darkest hour
you are a rainbow to someone's cloud

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