You Are Life

When I look at you, I see what it means to be alive.

Your presence is all-consuming. 

I look to you because I simply cannot get enough and want yo see what you'll do next.

Did you know that when you smile, I have never seen anything more beautiful?

Did you know that each emotion you experience is acted out across your features?

When you're giddy, you laugh.

When you're sad, you cry.

When you're angry, you are also beatiful too. 

Striking features that cannot be compared.

You make me want to live.

You make me want to act out every part of my life with emotion. 

I hated you because I could never do the same.

I also loved you becasue I never did the same.

One day, I'll be alive like you.

And I will forever admire you for that. 



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