You are just the worst

  I never thought I could hate someone, and then I met you.

I never thought that I could hate someone and you showed me that wasn't true.

You bring the worst out in me; hatred I never knew I had.

No matter if I try to stay calm you somehow always make me seething mad.

You are pretentious, you are vulgar, just a ball full of hate.

It's as if insulting me is food and you have a hunger that needs to be sate.

I would go down to your level and say whatever just to make you hurt.

Yet somehow you consistently insult me with something even worse.

The only time you would smile at me was when you thought I was broken up like a fraction.

But I would never let you see I was because you don't deserve that satisfaction.

Even though it's been almost two years since we've been around, my anger for you still stays.

Because something tells me the kind of anger I feel for you will never go away.




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