You are enough

Tue, 06/11/2019 - 18:17 -- RitaT

Black Girls, you are one with the earth

Black Girls, they like to hit you where it hurts

Black Girls, your skin is not dirt

Black Girls, your skin is beautiful like a magnolia shirt


Black Girls, your hair coils like the river waves

Black Girls, your smile is bright like june summer rays

Black Girls, don't let them make you change

Black Girls, when the world sees your electric personality it will leave them in a craze


Black Girls, your spirit is gold like honey

Black Girls, you've got to love yourself and you can't buy it with money

Black Girls, don’t let them play you like a dummy


You have always been enough!

The world may spit in your face but you must be tough

The tears now will burn but know you are carrying the burden for another little girls turn

You are black, beautiful ,brilliant, bright,bodacious and benevolent!


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