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People classify the perfect body as the images that are displayed in magazines. But what people don't realize is that your body IS perfect. You were made the way you are supposed to be.
 i do not have an eating disorder.  i just have a couple social media backup accounts. one too many. and the first few posts on the timeline are crazy diets. 
  I’m Not Yours   You say I’m not model size Except when it is through your eyes You say no one will ever love me Except that you have always loved me
Who says I need to be perfect? Who writes this in a diary? This is my story, I'm the captin Who tells me If im fit to lingo Who told you you werent beautiful Who said beauty is in everything else 
Am I a pretty girl? Do these people even like me? Is that envy? Why do boys only want to fuck me? When my clothes fall off my shoulders and pool around my feet, will they still want my body?
Love yourself they say, If you don't love yourself then no one will But if no one loves you who is there to take the pain away for the rainy days
Everything is swirling and spinning  'round 'n 'round in my head Their decitful kind eyes and sacchrine smiles  lure me in but shun me all the same For in their eyes I am who I am painted to be
Black Girls, you are one with the earth Black Girls, they like to hit you where it hurts Black Girls, your skin is not dirt
You're like a constellation;  choas in a celestial ballet,  a series of explosions so beautiful we forget that inside you  a fire is raging.    It must get lonely,  
Addressed to the hater within me: You see my heart break that’s about me the pain you caused devastation you cause that’s about me
In a sea of stars, My head was a constellation of chaos And mindless insecurity. In my universe, There was no lack of striking entities.   You were so down to earth, I was up in the sky
It's evident theres a lack of usI'm not to know what you desireMy minds set to inspireI know me pictured in anothers mindIs not a sight that I desireAnother life, maybeThis life performsCreatives drawn  We're about to attackWitnessThere is no slac
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