you are all the colors in one at full brightness

Thu, 03/26/2020 - 23:33 -- adrjana

i no longer think in gray.


i see you and i think in oranges, reds, greens, and golds.

i looked into your eyes and i saw the happiness

you had been seeping into my skin since we met.

i soaked in every bit of your warmth like

some sort of candle lit bath with room for two;

and i felt not sparks, but lightning and fire when

our hands and lips met for the first time.

i dream in blues, yellows, and magentas

and close my eyes to indulge in the comfort of your arms.

my beating heart will guide my love like a paper plane

into your bedroom window and teach you of my previous in-betweens.

i used to build sandcastles because it connected the land and the sea

and taught me of the grays in an insincere feeling and apology.

i don’t need an in-between, because i know in an unpredictable night and life,

you are the one thing i am so sure about.

together, we will mix our colors for the rest of our lives.


i no longer think in gray.


i guess i can write again.


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