You Are

You are: Always there to listen and watch.
You wonder: If you have been forgotten because you have not seen us in a while.
You hear: That we are coming and your hearts jump for joy (especially when Tucker comes).

You see: We are coming and you wait until we get in the house to hug us.
You want: Us to stay as long as possible and we do too, but we know that sometime we have to go back home. That's what makes it fun to see you.
You are: Always kind and loving to us.

You pretend: That we can stay longer than we normally do, but we can't.
You feel: Our warmth when we hug and say that we missed you alot.
You touch:Our warm hand say that we bring you joy.
You cry: When one of us is sick (especially when Tucker is sick).
You are: Special to us and both have a special place in our heart,

You understand: That we are not always able to come and that part of it is trying to take care of Tucker.

You say: Hello on the telephone and tell us to come as soon as we can.
You dream: Of us seeing you everyday and we do too.
You try: To get us to come often, and bring Tucker with us more often.
You hope: We can see you more and be with Tucker.
You are: Special and we will always remember that.
You are: My Grandma and Granddad

This poem is about my family my grandparents



Shows love of family and long distance can't separate the power of love.

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