You All

You all have touched my life in many ways.

Perhaps it started when you first offered me a seat back in eighth grade.

I was awkward, shy, I didn't want to fuck things up.

But I had nowhere to go.

Despite this, you still welcomed me, without hesitation.


Through the years, I grew more and more comfortable with you all.

You brought out the person that I truly was.

You made me forget about the expectations that others held for me.

I was just myself, no gimmicks.


A few short months separate us from a great adieu.

You will all do great things, you will explore new ideas, discovering yourselves along the way.

I am happy for you all as i care very deeply about all of you.

However, I am  still saddened by this upcoming event.


I will remain.

I will reflect the moments you gifted me.

We will likely never see eachother again.

I will fade more and more from your memories.

I will not pretend that this fact doesn't kill me, but I will accept that it will happen.

All I ask is that you try to prevent this as long as possible.

Remember your senior year MORP date.

Remember your yearbook comrade.

Remember the ranter.



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