We met a year and three months ago,

I wonder where all this time did go.

Although when we met, I must admit,

I had no idea we would end up like this.


You claim to have felt love at first sight.

I didnt feel the same, but it did feel right.

Before I knew it, you knocked me off my feet,

I had never felt more comfortable just being me.


You made me feel happy, loved, apreciated.

Lost in this vast world, I needed to hear it.

It was through your words I fell in love with you,

but not just you- I fell in love with me too.


Of all your gifts of kind words and making me laugh,

The best one by far was making me love who I am.

I doubted my ability of making it through the year,

Constantly wondering who'd miss me if I just dissapeared.


Through your faith and encouragement, you became my second biggest fan.

The first one is me because I now believe in my self again. 

This isn't a love story about the dragons a prince will face,

It's a love story about the princess finding her place.















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