I feel you latch onto my fingers

I feel your warmth overcome me

I’m so comfortable with you

Dependency begins to overcome me

Seldom I feel that I can live without you

Saturday nights I love you best

You bring out the confidence in me when I’m out

“You’re good for me,” I tell myself

When I am without you, I am different

I lose that warmth in my belly

I lose that feeling of euphoria

I need you

My friends need you

People on the streets have lost the ability to feel wholesome and happy

And they need you

But that’s because, like me, they began to depend on you

I realize that without you

I am smarter

I don’t make decisions in the moment

I’m not in bed the next morning until twelve in the afternoon

I don’t ever get sick at night

I fight to stay away because my lust for you is becoming unhealthy

In college, you became such an important part of my life

But, alcohol, I’m not me when I’m with you

And I realize

I don’t need you.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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