Nights like these are what I cherish the most 

The unmade bed, the lull of the outdoors 

Light seeping trough the blinds 

An ambient glow casts over you face 

A face so peaceful and content 

The sound of your breathing 

Like waves in the ocean crashing on the shore 

Quiet, Serene, Gentle

I caress your head in the crevice of my arm

And feel the warmth of your body 

A reason to live, and a reason to love 

I lay still beside you in awe 

Careful to not wake you 

I thank God I have you here 

Next to me 

I wake you  

And the brightest eyes stare back at me

You, the happiest of all 

Wag your tail 

Give me tiny kisses 

And I think to myself: What would I do without you? 



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My family
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This is just so wonderful - on line 13 I was about to leave the page, because I don't generally enjoy the type of poem this seemed at first to be; but the last few lines put a smile on my face, and my thoughts are happy now, knowing that someone has such a reason to live.

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