Each and every one of my atoms were screaming for your presence

The entirety of my illusions have been demolished with such foul incoherence

Nothing seems to stop the nightmares, nothing but you

I can't imagine my consciousness ever coming to terms with you not breathing

My lips still linger for your soft kisses and the way your teeth slightly nibble their fragile appearance

I have been torn, ripped, shredded into an uncountable amount of minuscule fragments just waiting for you to emerge and reassemble them

I pine for the smooth hot curve of your neck, which texture alters into small goose bumps when I place my moist lips gently upon it

Oh baby, you were the sweetest anguish, the greatest downfall, the most satisfying case of cyclothymia, the loudest cry of melancholy

No way will I ever fail to recall your delicate features or your exhilarating giggle



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