Yin is fleeting without Yang. An essay merging philosophies.


To Confront someone about a problem

Is something people must take solemn.

Futile, I know my efforts may be in vein

but I intend to undertake and let my words reign.

For Freud said not to confront subconscious with blunt

But to accomplish this hunt would be a convivial stunt.

The hunt I'm talking about is the fallacy of man

to which I, perhaps with pride, believe to see it's plan.

Comprehending Machiavelli, I will eliminate all foe

In one quick swipe, darkness and ignorance will show.


The first man of relevance is Alexander Pope,

Enemy of pride and man's slippery slope.

“Ask of thy mother earth, why oaks are made

Taller or Stronger than the weeds they shade"

Said Alexander Pope to all of mankind.

Asking to examine whom in front and whom is behind?

It's not something we question, that the order of things

Is life all that bad for the paupers, or that great for kings?

Assume that it is and try to prove otherwise

Or assume not and examine with critical eyes.

Pope argues we do not know our lives to be relevant at all.

Wonders why we pretend ourselves to be anything but small?


Second, we should observe not to a one, but to the many.

Ancient Greece, where the individual's power was plenty.

'We shall fight them on their land before they invade ours'

is a quote with many authors, by people of influence, czars.

George Walker Bush said it about terrorists to his marines

twas also quoted to the superstitious Athenians by Demosthenes.

The great length of time in between dates must reveal a mystery

for the same thing said 2,300 years apart and throughout history

has gotten countries into war and with a success rate high.

I ask, can planet earth change? Or is repetition forever nigh?

I do not know the answer, but I know that this whole thing,

can be answered by an Ancient Greek metaphor, the Pierian Spring.


To balance out the Occident, I will turn to the Orient.

For their ideas, in our society can be of supplement.

For there is, has been, and always will be opposing forces.

Yin and Yang explains to these intentions, their sources.

Why one is masculine, direct, concentrated, and uniform,

the other is feminine, indirect, dispersed; a varying storm.

Why the physical universe is mixed of hot/cold and dark/light,

and why the political spectrum has never been solely left or right.

To whom these forces possess must take opposite stance

for I find optimum is to balance when there is a chance.

Where one makes no progress, the other thrusts ahead

where one is illusive and attractive, the other looks dead.

Tis a good mirror for yourself and who you think you are

and maybe a tool to see where you may be below par.

I live in the land of the free, the freedom of pride

But even Aristotle believed earth was center when he died

Make aware the parasitic yin illusions captivating your mind

and rest your tired forces where yang sent under misguide.

Like this paragraph rhythm'd with content may overextend

had I chose a much less proper placement for it's end.


The next idea touches in the field of biology

But it could just as well be labeled as sociology.

By definition a heterotroph can not exist alone

it needs an autotroph's excess scraped to the bone.

But what good is the hunt if you destroy all posterity

for under a scenario all parties become a fleeting rarity.

The need for this realization is necessary for both predator and prey

for the destruction of predator is moot, but of prey is doomsday.

Where do we see similarities in society beyond a cannibal’s zone,

the answer is it takes form literally or symbolically on man's throne.

The addiction to the hunt leaves the hunter hollow

and senseless corruption and abuses inevitably follow

So in the struggle of man vs. the world wild life fund

the struggle of man versus our great Terra rotund

or of the struggle between the sycophant and the shunned

don't let the means and their inevitable end leave you stunned.


If predatory life is agreeable to us a plaguy

Perhaps you'll find of interest Mr. Carnegie.

The gentleman who's success may seem beyond reach

but even more impressive was the morals he teach.

Born an immigrant child worker, 13 hours a day,

to his education, parents, and the world go his pay

He sought to uplift everyone, even to his enemies' accords.

Befriending members as he speaks to dismantle the house of lords.

Is this not what all man should strive his life for

to take initiative and to give offerings at all man's door.

To be content with work and set your derivative high,

without an ego bent on writing your name in the sky.

To be born in any social class, lazy, or ignorant is no scar

but to die in the same position just shows you didn't get far.


Excess by it's very definition is the possession of too much

take away all but what you need, and after you may need a crutch

but man can adjust, and should learn to do, lest he go mad

For Shakespeare said 'An overflow of good converts to bad'.

For the stimulation, mindset, and excess use of power

sets a tone and path that the world is for you to deflower.

I do not intend to tell you what to think like a tyrant to subject,

but I hope we agree that there is danger in freedom unchecked.

For the super power today isn't a laissez fair autonomy,

for the same reason it is not a statist's planned economy.

Balance of the freedom to check oneself is the recipe

that nobody is immune from improvement is all I plea.


With that I end my poem with a deep down hope

That one day it will be unnecessary and we all read Pope.


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