Yet I Stand

Wed, 07/20/2016 - 00:27 -- kato


United States
39° 58' 9.588" N, 75° 34' 28.4088" W

You can toss me to the ground, enraged,

Think of me as weak.

But no matter how you try to subvert my courage

You may believe you've bested me

Yet I stand.


You can punish me, bend me, injure me,

But you cannot break me,

My will is iron, unrelenting,

And, like the mighty oak tree

In the strongest of storms, yet I stand.


You can shun me, abhor me

For who I am, I stand as one

But your type cannot hurt me

So though I may stand alone,

Yet I stand


You can challenge me as you wish

But in the end I will prevail.

Life has given me obstacles

Of magnitude greater than those you entail.

Yet I stand.


For I represent not just me,

But my family and morals as well.

So when you try to defeat me,

I have much to fight and defend.

So I stand.

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My family
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