Yes I'm black, that doesn't mean I'm vulnerable to attack,
I'm just like you, a human, red blood, emotions and a moving figure,
Why should you treat me like I'm about to pull a trigger?
I didn't create sagging, I didn't create gang banging so why would you want to 
put the worst on me?
To get me jailed, tortured, and then to set me free?
My shadow is scared to walk beside me. Yes, because my shadow is black. 
Walking to school to get my education, and they want to search my backpack. 
It doesn’t matter how long you live, but the way you live.
Having and living life is my greatest gift.
Are we recognized for what we have done? We will surely be recognized if we walk the streets with a gun.
People are scared to accept their ethnicity,
Because the color of our skin decide our destiny.
But my destiny is to stay strong, and fight not physically but verbally.
I don't have to be Alfred Austin to develop words of wisdom and passion
But I can be another student who stands to speak his mind and let it free.
We are not perfect; we all have done wrong at times 
We all don’t shine, but when we spot success we will surely climb
Getting an education to make legal dine is a no for them, they prefer to see us do crime.
Our first step as males is to have a respectful personality, 
Pull up your pants and lets all face reality and understand that a man can't 
ride your back unless it’s bent. 
And for a bigger step we all shall repent.
Very often black teenager's face grazes the metal fences and concrete walls, while being tortured by cops
If you’re passing by and you’re black think again if you want to stop
You will have more finger print than you ever had in your paint book,
They will put charges on you that have occurred way before you were on earth.
They will throw you in jail, kick, spit and treat you like dirt. 
This isn’t about the rhyme, because I would surely do it all the time.
But thank you if I have kept your attention‎​.
Being black wasn’t a choice or intention 
I’m already black, there is no correction,
I will keep living up! No way my life will be a recession!


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well-said. very powerful!



Thank you very much


Hell yes speak up brother even the sisters are treated the same way as the misters too. I love the way you wrote the poem with your heart and soul


Thank you very much


Wow! I LOVE your poem! The ending words are so powerful! How long did it take you to write it? It looks like we are in the same contest too! OOOoo do you think you could take a look at my poem to?:)


Thank you very much, took me like a week to put it all together. Sure will do


This is really good


Powerful message! Deserves to be shared!


I really like this!


Love This, it was powerful .


Keep writing, because you are amazing at it.


This was downright amazing! I especially lovce "no one can ride yor back unless it's bent." Great poetry and good luck with the scholarship contest! 


Perfection. I agree with everyone who wants this in a rap.


I shared your poem on Facebook

Black Rose

This poem is great, I loved it so much I performed it at my school drama opening night!

Black Rose

This poem is great, I loved it so much I performed it at my school drama opening night!


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