A year of Turmoil


The last year has been a slippery slope.

Junior year is like walking a tight rope.

They say get ready for the SAT

Then the ACT because money ain't free.

Plus, colleges will look at junior year.

One mistake could mean “And you’re out of  here!”

Then I question my entire purpose

When asked “what will you do,” I get nervous.

They say life isn’t hard because I am young.

“When you’re an adult, you’ll be in real dung.”

What a broken view some have on their life.

We should be happy even through the strife.

Heck, my house caught on fire in September

My birthday that month I can’t remember.

It’s been a year and four months and I grin

Because this Christmas we get to move in.

And though my schedule is busy a full,

This year has been great not matter it's bull.

I’ve found the courage to go for my dream.

And I’m excited it isn’t mainstream

This year I’ve learned to appreciate

My bestest friend who carries half my weight.

They’re always there for me, and I for them

We stick as a team through the mayhem.

This year I’ve explored my talent with art;

And it’s something I’ll never part.

This summer I was a missionary

With Brazilian kids who aren’t that scary.

2016 has been filled with turmoil.

But I have a fresh start that will not spoil.

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