A Year Ago

A year ago

I didn’t have a voice

It was robbed

By the feeling of uncertainty


It’s an easy feeling

To feel trapped

Lost in not knowing

What to expect


You’re a millennial

You wouldn’t understand

What’s going on in the world

Where hate is the victor

And hope lies underneath

Just be silent

And do what I say


But I disagree

I want to stand strong

I want my voice to be heard

Nothing is keeping me from being silent

I will not be silent


From politicians who hide behind

The veil of social media

To an election based on hate

When we’re supposed to feel love

I want to speak up

Above the harsh rhetoric

Of unruly discrimination

I must be vocal


It’s okay to feel uncertain at times

It’s a part of the human experience

But I know now that I must rise above

Learn from the world around me

And bring hope to a place of fear


A year ago

I didn’t have a voice

But today

It’s been reinvented

And ready to face the fear.

This poem is about: 
My country


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