Yeah, I Know Her

We don’t speak on a daily basis

You’ll never give me the time of day 364/365 days of the year

If conversation’s convenient, sure, we’ll have words

You deny my existence every day

But if someone points me out in a crowd, asking

“Who is she?”

The quiet one

The sarcastic one

The hipster

You “know” me


I don’t know where I’m going

I don’t know what I’m doing

I have no sense of direction

I’m constantly at a crossroads, either wanting what I can’t have or not knowing what I want at all

I contradict myself consistently

I’m the biggest hypocrite I know

I am my own worst enemy

But you “know” me



All of these things, and some words unspoken

Every morning

I draw my eyeliner wings

I put on my mask

It’s a start

But I’m learning



That there are more wings than the ones on your eyelids

Just waiting for their owner to take flight

But she doesn’t even know

I don’t even know

That girl

But I know of her

And she’s very much alive


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