X Matter

Tue, 08/19/2014 - 15:32 -- MKDream


Lets live for today 

Let past troubles fade away

Let go of the uncontrollable, its not here to stay

So why do we

worry about other things

they dont matter, they dont matter

Nothing is here to stay

theyre all meant to go away

they dont matter, they dont matter


Whats the point of loving you

feelings getting attached to you

when I know that you wont stay 

and break my heart on the way

we break up we fight 

you cheat and you lie

So why do I get my hopes up when

I know all things must come to an end


Love is it real? 

or is it just a perception

will it ever turn to matter

or will it never matter at all

to haves to hold, its like the wind

it comes and goes, then strikes again

dust and ashes seep through an hour glass love can never beat time


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