The Wrong Show

They say she's a star,

That she'll go far.

But she's stuck in tar,

She's out of luck.

Because time slips away

And rhyme gets in the way

Of reason.

But saying so is treason.

Hiding behind the haze

of the blaze,

She swings on the trapeze

With ease.

The world watches on

In awe,

But when they applaud

She is hurt.

Her thoughts are outlawed,

No one knows the real her.

She thinks there's something greater,

They say it can wait for later.

If she says it she's a hater,

A traitor, a confiscator

Of their fun.

All they do in run

From the truth,

Always wasting away their youth

With childish games.

And it just seems like such a shame

That she can't feel understood

And that she misses childhood.


Wild and free,

Without a care.

"Why can't we go back there?"

She asks,

But all they do is stare.

She asks what she did wrong,

When all along

She knows.

She's been singing the right song

In the wrong show.


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