Wrong love

Love is as sweet as honey, yet

True love is a steel chain

that stretches over the broadest ocean.

A feeling as delightful as sunlight, yet

it is a hot fire burning inside.

The touch sparks fireworks on your skin.

The spark is like a wildfire,

playing on the edge of the world, his lips.

A desire that causes your heart to explode.

the desire feels like lust, but

It’s a love built from the dreams of queens.

A feeling that makes your eyes turn to hearts.

this love is like flying.

The happiness is your wings, and

You float above the world in ecstasy.

Your heart keeps beat, beat, beating faster and faster

As it races out of your chest

It yearns, burns, and thrives on the touch

of his strong, strong arms around you

the love haunts you in your sleep

it talks, walks, and breathes for you

your friends shake, and shake, and shake some more

to snatch you from the hands of a walking dream

the love is sweet, the love is pure. so you don’t see

you are under a deep, deep sleep and you can’t wake

It snakes it’s cold, hard hands around you and won’t let go

You don’t notice, you only see the warmth, love, and light.

all others see is you slowly, slowly, slowly losing yourself.

It digs its way under your skin and won’t let go

You’re stuck, overwhelmed, and ill-fated.

Like lust this love was tangled,

But as we all know looks can be deceiving,

and now my tears plop on my paper.

As all my depression drops into developing words.

Yes my love was blind…

“Bang” My hand hits the wall as my pain turns to rage.

We lived, we laughed, we loved, and now i’m lost.

Now this is the real game-changer in my life.

I start an earth rattling cackle and snort

as i realize real love isn’t really real.

everything happens for a reason, yet

i splatter the paper in tears as he is with her,

and not here holding my heart in his hands.

it’s true that when it rains it pours but time heals all wounds

I dry my tears and turn to the splitter splatter of my shower.


This poem is about: 
Our world



This poem was written based on women falling in love with a man and him abusing her. She loves him and is blinded by her love for him, She can not see what he is doing to her, but those around her can see it. Finally her eyes open and she sees she can find better.

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