The Written Revelations

Inevitable as death, are smile will invert.
While God shuns his eyes to unworthy souls not raptured.
Addicts to flesh; never sleeping or at rest.
Hunting to pray on the hunted ravenously tasting life at the pulse.
A parasitic indifference you have come to be.
Shrouded in sins for your personal game, have you no shame?
Expanding corruption, for construction is sport, and destruction to all a pointless game.  
But still for salvation you pray, though God’s made it clear he’s turned away.
Faceless insects roaming his garden, initiative will be taken.
Recreation in construction, apocalyptic writers, exude pesticides, the pathway to a global mass genocide.
Flourishing nightmares that have yet to come, unworldly thick mist ascends at the return of the outer penitence.
As they walk tsunami tides cleanse the surface, the earth quakes at an over whelming stakes.
Burying our former world.
Blizzards of volcanic boulders erupt and are hurled.
Bombarding this substance that once was called home.
Rearranging the pieces of the puzzle, to simple start a new, even though in a millennium or so humans will again be the ones calling forth their own oblivion. 


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