Writing Is My Drug

         As i sit in the library looking out the window  into the beautiful summer day. Greenish brown grass bright sunlight and rough winds blowing, all is silent in my own creative little  writing bubble.  Firetrucks rushing to energency's police ambulance peramedics one after another, But do i hear any of it? Nah not a damn thing. Cars passing by horns honking drivers getting upset but do i hear it? Nah i can see it winds blowing so hard like its telling me a love story does it bother me? Nah i would love to listen but i sit in the library writing and remenscing on the rimes when i would get in trouble in class for writing or drawing because i become so inspired by the things around me.

        Looking, listening, smelling, touching anything and everything can inspire me to write. Except a humna being if i'm told to write i won't, but if i just go with the flow i will. Ya see i get my writing ability from a beautiful tan 5'7 inspirational wise seneca indian woman i call mother. Writing is my passion i can write anythings from love poems to horror films. although at 16 writing does not get you anything but good grades, pats on the shoulders or back, and honors classes sweetie. Believe me if i keep this up i'll be writing more than just short stories, poems, and songs to novels,movies,lyrics, and scripts because writing is my drug and i will admit oh yes i am very much addicted. :)



I Wrote This Poem To Inspire Others and Remind Myself To never Give Up On Something You Love Doing.

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