Writer's Block

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 23:44 -- poet

I am in the middle of writing this shit but something is blocking the flow of the ink that my pen spits, damn it was getting good. The mood was just right, the tone was perfect, I just knew my shit was gonna be OD crazy but something is prohibiting me from doing my thing, its stopping the flow of my ink my pen spits because it knows that when I spit, I spit the shit that makes you wet, yeah that’s right, I said wet because I spit lyrically, flowetically and virantly and trust me I do mean virantly cause you’ll feel every word, every vibration that falls off my lips because you know I spit that shit, I spit that shit to make you wet, but I’m fucked now cause I got writer’s block.



This poem is proof that poets can write about anything. Here, you wrote about trying to write something, and you made it funny too, which made it very enjoyable.


wow never herd anything like that before


This was so amazing and was very poetic. It made me think of Tupac when I was reading it. Very very lyrical :)


your poem was cute and funny

shshsb ridding

How was this anything like Lewis Carroll, H.G. Wells, or Shakespeare?


I liked it was really cool how you used something so common, but you ended up creating a great poem anyway.

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