Thu, 02/20/2014 - 11:49 -- ib13



I want the world

In the palm of my hand

I want to serve others

By writing down the word of man


I want to write

To see the world

To record the ways of life

That we all seem to ignore


The past is the present

Because it all gets repeated

So it’s vitally important

That we learn how to seize it


Every day I learn in class

A new perspective

How to put things into motion

Or to find the ends of the meaning


Education’s important

One size doesn’t fit all

But this campus is diverse so

There’s no excluded person


I wouldn’t be here today

If my mom and dad didn’t support me

Friends and neighbors pulled me through

And helped me overcome all the hurdles


Life tells you to be one way

But we’re worth more than our doubts

We’ll find a way for our dreams to come alive

But if we don’t, at least we can say we tried


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