Write Yourself into History

Write yourself into history 

Dance your way into the life that crashes into the unseen shores of millions. 

Walk a mile in the sand in my shoes 

Tell me history doesn’t deserve to know

Speak the truth 

Live the truth 

Live in your truth 

Teach the children that what is real matters 

Be here wherever that may be 

Be there for the life that is 

Speak to those who listen and listen to those who speak 

Write yourself into history 

Your greatest battle is just as important as the greatest battles documented in history 

Write about how you got through 

What got you through 

Are you through 

Talk about the times you almost died 

What about the times you felt most alive 

Write yourself into history 

Explain Examine 

Communicate conversate 

Express what you feel 

Write it down 

History repeats itself 

Write it down and repeat yourself 

Learn from your history and teach others  

Read the history of others and learn 

Step into your slippers and tiptoe around in the dark 

Smell the fear and horror that history creates 

Yet let us not forget the true hardship that history has faced

With all that color and sound along with so many trembling hearts 

Hearts that used to be like yours and mine 

So much love and hatred passed on through time 

Write yourself in and tuck yourself in 

Snuggle up in the image of your own history and write yourself into oblivion 

Loose yourself in the pages of truth that you can’t even read you can only feel 

Feel something in nothing and find yourself written 

Written in history written on my skin written on the skin of my kin

Words that can’t be erased worlds that can’t be erased 

Write yourself into history put yourself out of misery 

Be the good part of the book written for future generations 

Write yourself into history 

Realize your are in history 

Realize your history 

Write using your eyes in history 

Written history 


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Our world


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