Write Life; Write Free

Tue, 07/05/2016 - 12:41 -- djanee

What is life?

What is freedom?

What is the right to write your own reason?


It's the Truth, it's the Life

That we all have deep in side;

The Truth and the Life that no longer wants to hide.


Freedom to sing, freedom to dance;

Here's the story of this romance:

To dance and sing unintelligibly

Is the right to express all that's in front of me.


It's one thing to copy and one thing to obey;

It's another to dance and sing the night away.

It's one thing to flow and know what is right;

And another to create and develop what's your delight.


To write is freedom, to express is divine.

To put these things together is far beyond time.


Put what is unintelligible into the sky.

Can you grasp it? Can you find it?

Put what is unimaginable to a sign.

Now everyone can hear it, there's no excuse with such design.


Let it flow audibly;

Let it flow out loud;

Let it be the reason we are gathered in a cloud.


To listen and to hold what is beautiful in our hands;

To listen and learn something to give us a fighting chance.


It is powerful, it is encouragement—

Why do flies not notice it?

Let the flies become princes

And the gnats become cupid,

Turning all to fix their eyes on truth,

Turning eyes to not focus on being a coot.


Let us all be strong, Let us all be brave.

Thanks be to the writers that inspire us this day.

Let us be born and free, and happy to be;

For great is the faithfulness of the Creator's majesty.


This is why I write, this is why I'm free:

To help the broken heart and to run beyond dreams.


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