Write; Be heard

The author said,
    “It’s hard I know
    But if you write
    And show them your true side
    They’ll know that their actions aren’t right.”

It’s not that simple.
I am sixteen, dependent, and in Texas.
I’ve been here my whole life,
And no one will expect the message.
I am the only college student in my family.
I’ve worked hard, but it’s all for mere image.
An image that goes from eye to eye;
News that go from ear to ear.
It’s what everybody wants too see:
The A student that is near.
So, despite what you said, here is my message:

Our childhoods might have been the same for you and me,
And at sixteen, I’ve finally met you, but we are different.
What I feel, my courage, my logic I hear:
Don’t do it, it won’t help - let’s not- either of us expose.
(I hear my feelings too.) Go ahead- who are you?
Well, I like freedom, trust, and friendship.
My passion is to discover and search the mysteries alive.

I enjoy vacations that take me far away
And a sense of protection that drives me in a sway.
Being a teenager makes me not want
Perfection and so much expectation
What if I wasn’t what they all wanted?
Being me,  I can’t bring myself to let that happen,
So I can’t be like you, author.
You are a grown woman-
We have so many differences you and I.
That’s my way of life.
Maybe sometimes you don’t want me to be like you,
But sometimes I really do.
I won’t though, and that’s the end of it.
I admire you, I truly do,
And maybe you’ll admire me- I hope you do-
Although your thoughts are free- and independent-
I can’t, not now at least.
But hopefully, just like you,
Someday I’ll write to be free for the world to see.

This is my message for Evans J. Stephanie.


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