I am a writer with the right to speak my opinion; that's the first amendment
Meaning I can say what I want, whenever I want, HOWEVER I please
In my novels, novellas, short stories, and poetry
You understand me, my fellow w[right]er?
So when I ask for criticism, why must you add the fact
that my vocabulary is not as profound as your own
that my "urban" flare may come off as ghetto or even raunchy
You don't even know much about me
Other than I'm a devilish Diva who fell in love with the Heartbreak Kid
But because I don't expatiate the simple words you all articulate doesn't mean that I'm
Incompetent of writing something spectacular
My flow is like the sparkling blue water of the Earth cascading downhill
Gracing us with its significance
However, because it seems that I have defenestrated my profound vernacular
That I cannot be appraised and held at the same standards as you
Because I express my heart through vulgarity doesn't mean that I
Am as dull as the pencil you write with.
You don't empathize with me as a poet but criticize me as a pompous-behaving individual
Immobilizing the hope of proficiently moving on
I'd rather call you a dumbass than a dunce
A shit-talker than a "critic"
A mis-interpretator rather than open-minded
Look outside of the box you live in
Realize that everyone's writing flows at their own speed of beneficence


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