Another college party, same faces, same games,

Another night she wouldn’t remember, not what she said, not any names,

Her red hair was shiny, and her lips were glossed,

Maybe she had forgotten that her windshield was covered in frost,

She arrived at the party and cracked open a beer,

She laid there in the rubble, screaming was all she could hear,

Someone gave her a strong shot, she winced at the taste,

She felt a sharp pain coming from the lower part of her waist,

She took so many shots, even took most of her friends’ drinks,

Isn’t it crazy how much can change if a person just blinks?

The cops got called and she needed to leave,

Why did someone let her keep her keys?

She got into her car and sped off, drove so fast that she didn’t see the red light,

It must’ve been really dark too because she didn’t see the van that night,

Maybe the ground was also a little icy because she veered into the left lane,

Little did she know that a family would be slain,

Her body flew threw her windshield because of the impact,

But it was nothing in comparison to the mother’s skull she cracked,

A mother whose children were screaming and crying in the backseat,

A mother whose husband was dead, trapped underneath,

Her shiny hair was now a tangled mess,

The color of it as crimson as the blood on her chest,

She had no idea what happened, she was too wasted,

This wouldn’t have happened if she had just waited,

Both parents were pronounced dead on the scene,

And their children don’t know what “orphan” means,

A girl who didn’t want to get caught and didn’t try to ask for a ride,

Never thought that she would have committed vehicular homicide.






This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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