Wounded Soul



Please , find the light in your soul.

Forgive yourself......

Give in .....

Cede control ....

Maybe it’s down to god.

I don’t know ..

Please my friend don’t let me go.

I’m wiser and younger .

My soul aches with hunger .

We passed for a very good reason.

Once I mentioned ten years younger .

Rhyming schemes ... discipline ... tantamount to treason ..

Harvard education and impervious to reason...


Once upon a time in East Huntington.

known better as  XYZ City .

I didn’t care at all ....

You’re still quite pretty .

I was blown away with your sweet side .

The way it ended wounded both of our pride .

Shame in the soul ....

We can’t hide in the dark .

This country and world are in hell.

We still live in our cage.

Where’s the valve on the neck ?

Who lets out steam ?!

I can’t tell , I still don’t harbor doubt .


Ok here ...

I’ll get to the point .

From strictly my side .

Trapped in my hide ..

Three years of drinking .

Trying to kill guilty thinking .

Not even aware.

Missing the blessings .

One was you .

When I woke up ...

Not a clue what to do ..

Did my best at the time .

Not a lame line .

After the fact ,can’t get time back .

Figured out your love ...

It broke my heart ..

Boy was I selfish .

Tons of regret.

Refused to give in . 

I’m so sorry to be wrong .

Should have put on the mask .

If I’d only fixed myself .

Maybe I’d have been able to be there for you ????!


Please please world ... let there be a part 2.....


Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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This is the most heartfelt and intimate thing I have ever written . A true love of mine was there for me when my mental illness had driven me to depths ..

Like so much ... It came clear in the rear view.

Maybe it was doomed but in my soul I feel love that has never happened to me .

wisdom says to let it go.

can't quite get there . 

Im really fixing myself and getting better and will be in a stronger place to help .


Praying to the universe for both of our souls .

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