Wouldn't Change a Thing


Life is intertwined, like an intricate web, one event leads to another forming our existence.

Without that night you might not have been conceived

Without that drunken father you would still be naïve

Without those bruises and those cuts

You would not have learned to pick yourself back up.

Without your mother high and gone

You never would have learned to fend alone

Without foster care and pure fate

You never would have the chance to escape.

Without that mistrust of everyone

You would have been dragged so far down

Without them telling you that you didn’t belong

You would not have grown so strong

Without those hours locked in your room.

Your passion for art would never have bloomed.

Without those insults, and if not for their sin.

You never would have grown thick skin.

Without that diagnosis of weakness and hurt

you never would have rekindled your passion for art.

Without that anger and all those dreams

You never would have been granted release.

And had you ever chose to concede

You never would have been given a chance to succeed. 


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