Would You Remember Me?


Hyattsville, MD
United States


How would you feel if I went away? How would you feel I went today? Would you still love me?

Would you remember me?



This is a story about Trevor.

He was 13 and lived with his mother.

His grandmother was very sick so she lived in a nursery home.

Trevor visited her everyday because he didn't like her alone.

Trevor and his grandma was best friends. 

Till one day when their relationship came to an end. 

Trevor went to the home the next day.

To see the ambulance in his way.

That was carrying his grandma away.

He went to her room to see her missing.

Trevor just wondering where she was at.

Unitl he realized the ambulance putting his grandma in the back. 

So Trevor went on the bed and sat.

Trevor noticed a note on the bed back.

He reads the note crying at what he sees.

With this four letter question:

"Would you Remember Me?"

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