Would he

Why am I so hung up on a stupid message
It's nothing
I'm nothing
At least to him...
But what if we did
Look each other in the eyes
Remember each other at night
I thought there was something
And did I even fight?
Now I'm not sure what's real
It's apparent he may not feel what I feel
But I know there was something in my bones
Silly girl, you know you're still alone
But no
I'm not
It can't be
I'm not just a thought
I'm a girl 
With a call
To answer the world
And while I may not be as bright as you
Or see things as you do
I still cling on to my hope
But you'd rather choke
And now
I'm just lost 
This isn't right
There was something there
You felt it too right?
What am I supposed to say
When all my hope is slowly floating away...
Is it the way he speaks to me?
Do I think there's something there that simply isn't
Is it the way I feel like he knows
He understands the feelings I hold
What can I say
I'm blown away
But if he knew
Would he feel the same too
Would he understand
Would he take my hand 
Would he let me know
That I am not alone
Would he hold me close
Tell me he understands the story I've told
I just don't know...
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