Know your worth my beautiful sista

You don't need him to know your worth

Your soft skin and your plum lips with your brown eyes and thick thighs

Or small thighs with hazel eyes

Four eyes and skinny thighs

Small stomach with a phat ass

Flat ass with a pudgy tummy

Birth mark on chin

Mole on cheek

Freckles on face dimples in deep

Size 9 breast double D

Size 5 breast not even close to a C

or B

Barely an A

Sista your appearance shouldn't be a reason to make him stay

Your mind that's full of Intelligence

Your grades that appears excellent

Conversations that you can hold from here to the North Pole

The body on your words and the flow of your signature with it's curves

Your soul that's so pure and heart so full, but still have room

To bloom, to let people in

To let people sink in

Dive in

Swim around

One by one getting placed a crown

On top of their head

Fist in the air


My sista

With the staight hair

Short hair

Curly hair

Kinky hair

Hairy legs

Smooth legs

Spotty legs

Big gap

Small gap


Chipped tooth





You are worthy

Know your worth

On this earth, we as women run the W O R L D

One man's "Fuck you" Is another man's "I love you"

One man's "Ex" Is another man's "Wife"

You're Beautiful inside and out

Without a doubt

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Our world
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