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I have spent hours, days, weeks, months
thinking of you.
I have invested so much of myself
studying you
trying to memorize you
inside and out.
I wish I could imprint your mind
your very personality
into my own.
But still
the question remains:
Am I worthy of you?
This thought haunts me.
Did I waste my time?
I thought I loved you at first sight
but that feeling cannot compare
to the way my heart flutters
when you clasp my hand
in yours.
To me
you are perfect.
And I
am better suited to observe.



I truly love it. I can relate, and I am sure many people can. Well written. Keep it up <3


Thank you! I'm so happy to be told this is well written. I was worried that the words wouldn't come across the way I wanted them to.

Ariel Ann Williams

I can totally relate to this and I think this is just awesome very well done :D


Thank you so much!

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