Worth It

In nine months I will owe

thousands of dollars in student loans.

It will take ten years to pay.

I'll have to work hard night and day.


I want to make my parents proud.

I need to finish college.

They've always motivated me to further my knowledge.


I have my family by my side.

They tell me I shouldn't stress.

Yet my hairs are still turning white while I struggle to pay rent.


If I want to succeed I have to sacrifice my sleep.

I'll have to make the most of the little time I get

to spend with my daughter and husband.


However, it won't be like this forever.

I can't wait to be in cap and gown at my graduation.

I'm going to take that certificate without hesitation.


I'll have money to pay the bills and still have some left to spend.

That's not the important thing to me.

What matters is I'll have more time for my family.

I just have to keep looking at the good things

instead of thinking about the bad.

It will be worth it in the end.

This poem is about: 
My family


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