The Worth of An Awesome World

Tue, 07/28/2015 - 22:40 -- Baleigh

As time goes by and we get older,

we think of the things this world has to offer.

I can date, I can do.

I can drive, I can go.

I can love, I can buy.

I can live, I could die.

The point of this world is not only to give,

but recieve what's deserved again and again.

Our lives are important,

our days are few.

We should focus on others and our home here, too.

As humans we just continue to take,

but take a step back and try to relate.

If we continued to give up all of our weath,

one day we'd need to replenish ourselves.

But think about this,

about the "what if?",

what if it would never replenish again?

Thats the risk that we take,

as we take and we take,

that one day earth's gifts will be at the stake.

Forever deminished.

Forever gone.

Our wonderful world will give to none.


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Our world


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