Worst Enemy


United States
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By nature I’m human
Imperfect and inclined to make blunders

All ways in battle
Rebellious to the obstacles and opposition
Hindering my right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”

My journey’s trails and errors
Awoke hidden strengths and
Silenced the screaming fears

In this war, my war, giving up is never the answer
Just a cheap delay tactic

Fighting long and fighting hard
I’ve stifled every voice, shattered every word
From an audience of critics who’ve done nothing
But doubted and ridiculed me and my vision.

The battle was over, but not the war

Nothing in life is simple
Just a part of something much greater

Like the Phoenix rising from its ashes
A new enemy was created

An adversary like none I’ve ever faced before
The war raged on and refused to perish

Nothing could have prepared me
For the brutal and relentless battles I would face.

Deceitful and cruel
A blessing and a curse
Always with me, yet never there
We should be as one
Yet you have a mind of your own

Bending brain and body to your will

Perceiving both people and situations
Differently from the norm

Hypnotized by your lies

Staring from afar
I lose focus
Dreams and ambitions become distorted

Searching for the light
But I see none
Only darkness

The light that illuminates from you
Is secluded in lies and deception

What is the meaning behind such madness?

It cast me into inner turmoil
To know how much control you ONCE had over me

Every word you speak reminds me of
These self-inflicted bruise
From a war that has endured
For far too long

I’m now older and wiser
And I have you to thank for that
By conquering you, I conquer myself

Once again I’m certain there’s nothing that I can’t accomplish
You’ve had your fun now it’s my turn

I’d never thought I’d see the day
That you keeper of all my secrets
Would become my ultimate rival


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