The Worst Coach


United States
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Who the hell made you queen?
You have a comment on everything
Never a smile, only a frown
All you do is tear us down
You only scream and yell
Making a cheerleader's life a living hell
You say we're too fat to be in the air
Critiquing our growing bodies just isn't fair
Is it because you're insecure?
I bet you wish you looked like her.
But I won't stoop down to your level
Even though you're comparable with the devil.
I'd gladly turn in my poms and bow
If it means you have to go
You're our coach, You're supposed to inspire
But we only want you fired
You make us push ourselves to unreachable goals
Make ourselves puke and sell our souls
Just to be good enough to meet your standard
But we'll never add up, just another sheep in the herd.
The last four years have been really rough
I'm standing up, I've had enough.
I love my body, I look great
My curves are something to celebrate
I'll be just fine not being good enough for you
I'm going to do whatever I want to do.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very expressive and proud
and you don't need to be in an environment that is unwelcome, and unsupportive
you should speak out for a cause
great job

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