World's Deadliest Black Man


United States
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United States
30° 25' 59.5416" N, 97° 36' 2.0844" W

World's Deadliest Black Man

Which is deadlier a black man with a loaded gun,

Or a black man seeking education providing for his son?

Which do we fear the notion of inner city aggression,

Or the educated and proud who pass on college lessons?


Which is deadlier a magazine of bullets, or a cartridge of pens,

When two third of gun owners suffer deaths at their own weapons?

Which last longer the sound of shots fired at a politician,

Or the sound of words that become contagious fueling revolution?


Which is more salient thug life, or a life of wisdom,

When one murders and the other enriches our brethren?

Which is more broadcasted and spread through the media,

Like an infection that disproportionately affects us like chlamydia?


Which is more salient negative, or positive associations,

When societal perspectives become promoted by institutions?

Which is the one that you choose to endorse,

When I give you reality, and you see metaphors?



Loved it, very nice.

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