As the world changes.

I feel the devil is dominating.

We are locked in cages.

Afraid to walk out and be noticed by a stranger.

People getting bombed and this news is not the latest.

Prophecy  as well as testimonies or repeated revelations that the world is divine.

This is no time to wonder with an imaganation and think it's right.

When in the east it's all bad luck.

All hate no love,all fear no hugs,all hunger no helping.

But first lets take care of our own backdoor. 

No drug cartails,no bombing, no teenage pregnacy, and no more strangers walking throught he front door

.I'm telling a story about this world that needs healing.I'm feeling it people thinking they are the realest.

 Boys and girls that need us to make good judgement and make the world better.

Standing on my own two trying to kill it that the world is changing and the devil helping the wrong people.

 But my God is going to make it happen.

 Save us from the trouble were in.

In this life I don't want to live in envy because right now I'm doing moves that make your emotions move.


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