World Without Filter

A filter


Nothing but a misconstrued version of normal light

Changing context from wrong to right


Take away this glass magnifying falsehoods and repressing flaws

Take away the one thing that takes away who you truly are


The filter


Take away the filter of these pills I take every morning to hide my true emotions

Take away the filter of prim and proper licks of elaborated language and let




Take away the filter and let my true light shine through the sertraline slathered mess that I am


What filter?


The one that you pretend not to see

The one that makes you look different to me

The one that takes the monsters out of your life

And lets you drift soundly off to sleep


What sleep?


Because I took away the filters that knocked me out

When I told the doctors I stay up all night suppressing my shouts

When they wanted to knock me out, lock me out, clock me out of my own life

And I didn’t let them


Because I hate the filter


The filter that everyone hides behind

Telling lies to my tired eyes making me believe no time does pass by in broken lives

While you’re stuck pretending to be alive

Living a lie

Lying you’ll die

Dying you’ll cry

Crying you will realize


That living with a filter is no sort of life.


And I don’t lie


When will you realize

When will you realize


Only when you die

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My community
My country
Our world
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