This World We're In

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 15:25 -- D.B.W


This World We're In Full of fear of the end There are some who seek For the greater good- But can great be misunderstood This World We're In Full of love and enjoyment A house for my family, is money well spent And those who tend to live forever.. Is it because they make the world better? But why the combination of both? Put on this world under a fear/love oath Hearts are torn to pieces as advertised Torn from hi or bye Is this a lie Can we comply Wake Up! This World We're In Has to have its purpose, Hope it's not just about the -Bling- on his wrist, or the dirt on her lips But the lives that will receive the purpose I guess we will not know But one will know, about this world we're in....


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